Nicola Wealth’s Response to COVID-19

Consistency & Stability

Steadying portfolios through market turmoil is what defines our approach. Nicola Wealth’s investment and planning philosophy has shown historical consistency and stability through downturns in both 2001 and 2008. And as we navigate these trying times, our aim is to offer you peace of mind regarding your family’s financial security, so you can focus on your family’s safety and well being.

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Historically Consistent & Stable Returns

Nicola Wealth vs The Marketplace

A Track Record of Stability

Through two major market downturns, Nicola Wealth has kept clients safely on track to reach their financial objectives through our conservative, yet innovative approach to investment management.

The 2001 Dot Com Bust

When the Tech Bubble burst, Nicola Wealth’s diversified cash flow approach eased volatility, mitigating losses versus the public markets and helping investors recover sooner, allowing clients to accelerate their wealth building.

The 2008 Sub-Prime Crash

While 2008’s financial crisis sent public markets tumbling, Nicola Wealth’s extensive diversification buoyed our clients’ portfolios, protected the downside, and participated in the recovery from a stronger position.

The COVID-19 Pandemic

2020 saw the beginning of a global pandemic causing a wave of unprecedented events, most notably an almost immediate crash and rapid recovery of the public markets. However, through the uncertainty Nicola Wealth client portfolios

$1-million invested with Nicola Wealth since January 1, 2000 would have grown to $4.56-million versus $2.82-million for a typical balanced portfolio (Morningstar Canadian Neutral Balanced).

Over that same period, Nicola Wealth’s Composite Return has been 7.09% vs. 4.79% for the typical balanced portfolio.

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