Nicola Wealth Gives Back

A deep-rooted philanthropic emphasis at home and abroad is part of Nicola Wealth’s history and cultural fabric.


Our firm has always been an active member in our communities. Initially, our efforts in the community were driven by our generous staff. In 2010, Nicola Wealth decided to support our people by forming Nicola Wealth Gives Back, the firm’s charitable giving committee.

Nicola Wealth Gives Back seeks to develop and foster a culture of giving, inside and outside of the firm, by acting as facilitators for our people to achieve their charitable goals. The committee drives donation-matching programs and coordinates automatic payroll deductions to inspire the giving culture. Together we give back to the world in meaningful ways.

Primarily focusing on children’s charities, the committee works strategically to support our local, national and international communities through providing a “hand up” rather than a “hand out.”

Our Partners

We are dedicated to the various causes supported by Nicola Wealth Gives Back. Working closely with our charitable partners to maximize the impact of our efforts, both volunteer time and donations.